Adoption Timeline


  • April 2016: God revealed that it was time for us to seriously start making steps towards adoption.
  • May 2016: We decided to work through Lifeline Children Services.
  • June 2016: We met with the director of adoptions in Macedonia, and prayerfully made the decision this is where God was calling us to.
  • July 2016: Submitted our Starter-Kit paperwork.
  • August 2016: We submitted our first payment, had our Orientation Interview, and started our Home Study.
  • October 2016: We completed our Home Study.
  • November 2016: We submitted our I-800 forms, and started compiling our dossier.
  • April 2017: Our dossier was fully completed and submitted. Our papers were sent to Poland to be translated.
  • May 2017: Our dossier was delivered to Macedonia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
  • July 2017: Our dossier was approved, and we were officially placed on the waitlist to be matched.
  • November 2018: Made the decision to transfer our adoption to Lifeline’s India Program.