When you’re a mama, before you’re a mama…

Now that Mother’s Day has come and gone, I want to say a few words about the week I had leading up to Mother’s Day 2017. 
All week last week I felt dread thinking about the weekend to come. I felt despair and bitterness fighting for control of my heart and flesh. In bitterness my heart cried out, “Yeah yeah congrats to all you moms, you should be thankful to have little ones to hold.” Again I want to emphasize that was my flesh, my sin nature, Satan telling me I’m never gonna be called “Mama”. It was a lie. The Lord he is good, and his steadfast love is poured out on those who wait for him (Psalm 33). His word again and again reminded me of his sovereign providence towards those who love and fear him, just look at the story of Naomi and Ruth. I am so thankful that as we turn to his truth in times of darkness, his light is always faithful to pierce through. Now my heart still aches and longs for our child, and I still shed tears through the pain of not having them near. But I also cling to the hope that next Mother’s Day I will have a little’s hand to hold in celebration. I am also thankful for people in my life who thoughtfully wished me a “Hapy Mother’s Day” yesterday, even though I’m a “mother in waiting”. 

Adoption Update:

Our dossier is in the hands of Macedonia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. We have been informed that, as best as they can tell, July will be the earliest we can hope to receive a referral for our child.

Prayer Request:

  • Peace in the waiting and joy in the growth.
  • We still have a huge sum of funds to raise in order to complete our adoption. Please prayerfully consider supporting us financially, and also pray for the Lord’s provision for the rest.
  • Daniel is still working to complete his M.Div at SBTS.
  • Emily will begin Master’s classes online at SBTS this fall.

We truly appreciate everyone’s love, support, and prayers. A true picture of the Church, as described in Ephesians 4. 

XO – Em


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