Growing Pains

Wow guys how is it already December? October and November flew by. This post is going to be a combination of an update on our process and where my heart is.


 Our Home Study was officially completed and approved on November 1st. We have also submitted our I-800A form (immigration paperwork), and had fingerprints done last week. Our case worker informed us that it’ll probably be approved within 4-6 weeks. So we’re waiting. During this time of waiting Lifeline is putting the finishing touches on our dossier (a portfolio of all of our information), and getting it ready to send to Macedonia’s government. As soon as it’s finished, and our I-800A is approved, they will send it on. Then we will continue to wait for their approval, and a referral for a child.

My Heart:

So in a nutshell we are waiting. But not only that we are longing for the day we see our child’s face. Below the surface of my heart there is always an aching feeling, a pain that will only be satisfied when at last I have my child in my arms.

Even though there is pain in the waiting, there is also growth. “Growing pains.” Within the last few month, the Lord has grown Daniel and I in many areas of our lives. He has strengthened our walk with Jesus, with each other, and with the community of people around us.

With God: Just as I long for my child, even more so do I long for the day Jesus returns for His bride. Us. Me. I am constantly being reminded of my dependence on Him. My spirit within me groans to be made perfectly new. To forever be in His presence, singing His praises. Oh Lord Jesus come!

With Dan: Guys, I love marriage. I seriously think it’s the best thing. I love those moments with Dan whether we’re being silly, having serious theological discussions, serving the Church together, or just sitting in silence. He truly is my other half, and together we make something beautiful.

Even though I wouldn’t trade being married to Dan for anything in the world, I don’t want to paint some fake picture for the “public” to see. We definitely have our dark days. We are both sinners, and our sins cause waves in our marriage. I am selfish, lazy, and needy. And sometimes I let my selfishness, laziness, and neediness hurt the one I love most in this world.

I am so grateful the Lord has called us to adoption, but our sin, my sin, makes a hard process even harder sometimes. There are moments when I just want to cry out in anger against my sin. I love Dan, and I want to serve him well, but so often my own flesh gets in my way. But praise God for His Spirit, who convicts us, whose Word penetrates between bone and marrow, who calls us to confession and repentance, who has grace enough to cover every sin, and who covers us in forgiveness. Thank you Jesus that Your blood is enough to cover every sin. Praise Him even more because He is continually transforming us. Oh God we praise You!

With others: I am so thankful for the small group we have through JBC. Through it we have developed deep and lasting friendships. I love the women in my group, and I love to see their hunger for the things of God. I am so thankful God has allowed us to meet weekly for encouragement, conviction, and constant reminders of His Word.

Prayer Needs:

  • Patience in the waiting.
  • Dan is currently pursuing his Masters of Divinty. Please pray for a good semester of classes, and time to devote to his schoolwork.
  • Em & Dan are leading separate small group bible studies. Please pray for focus & devotion to the discipleship of fellow brothers & sisters in Christ.
  • Be in prayer for our future child(ren). Thank the Lord for us that He has chosen us to be their mama and daddy. Also pray they are safe, healthy, and loved.


If you’re interested in supporting us financially checkout our fundraising page.


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